How Music Lovers Can Protect Their Hearing

If you are a fan of music, you might be concerned about how all of that loud music can negatively affect your ability to hear. Luckily, there are some things you can do to minimize the impact that loud noises have on your hearing so that you can continue enjoying music with less hearing loss:

Be Careful When Using Headphones

If possible, try to listen to your music without earphones. Headphones cause the music to damage your hearing more quickly because the closer the sound is to your ears, the more damage the sound will cause. If you are unable to not use headphones, at least do not wear earbuds since they go directly into the ear canal. Also, take more frequent breaks when listening to music.

Using Headphones Properly

Some believe that if others can hear your music from your earphones, this is an indication that your music is too loud. However, even if others cannot hear your music, it may be too loud. Do not wear the headphones while listening to the music at full blast, but instead try to lower the volume to the lowest possible level that still allows you to enjoy the music.

Also, even if you do listen to your music at that level, you should try to avoid listening to music for longer than two hours. The longer you listen, the more likely that the music will damage your ears.

Keeping the Music at a Reasonable Level

If you are unsure if the music is too loud when listening to it without headphones, try talking to someone else. If that person cannot hear you over the music, it is too loud. Also, if you experience a ringing in your ears or if your ears hurt, the music is too loud. If you also have a difficult time hearing for a few hours after listening to your music, you should turn it down next time.

Sometimes, it is difficult to avoid loud music, such as if you are going to a concert. If you wear noise-canceling headphones, you may be able to reduce some of the damage. These headphones use a microwave to pick up ambient noises and sends a sound wave to cancel them out. Listening to music can have a cumulative effect that can damage your hearing if you are not careful. But if you are careful, you will have better hearing at an older age.

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