A Vacation Before Your First Day On The Job? The “Pre-Cation” Explained

How does the idea of taking a vacation before you've even started a job sound? The "pre-cation" is a budding trend in hiring perks, and both new hires and the companies giving them out are reaping the benefits. Pre-cations are particularly valuable to new hires who have recently left a job that was very frustrating or energetically draining. These workers are often exhausted to near burnout, and although they are grateful to have a new opportunity, they are often not in the best shape (physically and mentally) to start out on the right foot.

A Reward for New Hires

The solution? Instead of asking, "How soon can you start?" some companies are now offering an unexpected stipulation for the haggard hire before their first official day on the job: a paid vacation.

Pre-cations are often a win-win for both employee and employer. The employee gets to decompress from their old situation and gets paid to do so. The employer gets an energized, refreshed new hire ready to hit the ground running when they return.

Workplace Stress

As a country, we're busier than ever; productivity has increased by around 80 percent since the 1970s; however, 40% of Americans get under seven hours of sleep a night. The pre-cation is a wonderful and unexpected perk in these stressful, overworked times. While we as Americans pride ourselves on our work ethic, the stress is affecting our health in profound ways. Elevated stress levels cause more inflammatory leukocytes to be produced -- a type of white blood cell that's usually produced to fight disease. In excessive amounts, it can lead to plaque buildup, stroke and heart attack.

The Pre-Cation Trend?

These statistics regarding stress and health lend further support to the idea of the pre-cation as a viable means of cultivating a culture of employee well-being. Corporations are more aware than ever that for workers to be at their best, physical health is paramount. The National Institutes of Health says that stress suppresses the immune system and can lead to illness, poor performance, and missed days from work. Managing stress levels is crucial for physical health, and adequate time off from work is one of the key components of stress relief over time.

At this time, pre-cations are offered primarily by businesses that are riding a wave of success and abundance. While not all companies can afford a pre-cation policy, every business can enact corporate wellness programs, like Figure Weight Loss, to reduce employee stress. 

Making Workplace Health a Priority

Companies with a pre-cation policy feel the cost is far outweighed by its benefits in worker productivity and morale. While the "pre-cation" itself has yet to become a major business trend, it's a harbinger of an increased focus on employee health and well-being. Healthy workers are happier, more productive workers -- and that benefits everyone in the long run.