How You Can Identify and Avoid Counterfeit Botox

One of the last things you want on your mind when considering Botox for any reason is the idea that you can fall prey to a counterfeit product. It's probably not something you would think could happen. Unfortunately, counterfeit product is out there, and doctors can unknowingly purchase it for their procedures.

What Makes Fake Botox Fake?

"Fake" Botox isn't always necessarily fake. The point is that you just can't know if it's real or not. In short, it's a gamble and a risk. When Botox comes from an unlicensed supplier, then it automatically falls into the fake category.

An unlicensed supplier does not have the authorization to sell Botox. Also, there's no oversight regarding how they manufacture and handle the product before it reaches its final destination.

So it's basically an unregulated drug. That means there actually is a slim possibility that some batches are the real thing. But you shouldn't put your health or even life on the line to find out.

How to Tell It's Fake Botox

There are some telltale signs that the Botox at the doctor's office is counterfeit.

  • Both the vial and the box should have a lot number
  • The lot number on the box should have additional entries, such as an expiration date
  • The correct active ingredient (OnabotulinumtoxinA) should appear on the box
  • The box and the vial should have a hologram

You may think this kind of information is strictly for medical professionals. But you shouldn't hesitate to ask to see the packaging and the vial of the product when you're in your potential doctor's office. Check it for the above criteria to make sure it's genuine.

Some disreputable individuals pay for these counterfeit products on purpose rather than receiving them on accident. That's not to scare you; it's just to show you how much you need to stay vigilant when you're seeking Botox treatments from anywhere.

How Best to Avoid Fake Botox

As mentioned, you can always opt to see the bottle and vial. If the doctor refuses to let you see the product, then you should move on. But before you even make it to that point, there are several things you can do to mitigate the possibility of counterfeit Botox ever showing up.

First, choose your doctor wisely. Always go to a facility. Botox injections have become quite prevalent, so you may see nonphysicians administering them at places that are definitely not medical facilities. Only a trained professional should administer your Botox, so make sure you look for someone with a nice clean history of performing the service. Search for professionals who offer the service in your area, such as those from Hass Plastic Surgery.