Not Conceiving? A Natural Guide To Boost Fertility

Increasing your family's number is a dream come true, but that may prove difficult for some women. There are medicines and other procedures you can turn to. But you may want to try some natural options first. The following is a guide to help you and your partner get pregnant by natural means.

1. Try The Vitex Fruit

Vitex--a fruit that is mostly grown in Asia and the Mediterranean--is a fruit that has been shown to do wonderful things for a women's health. Vitex seems to help regulate estrogen and progesterone, which should help lessen or eliminate any pre-menstrual symptoms. The reason could be because vitex contains flavonoids, terpenoids, and iridoid glycosides that help oppress hormonal imbalances.  

Those same ingredients could be the reason why vitex improved fertility in women who were having a hard time getting pregnant. The study showed that women were able to conceive in 3 months due to hormonal balance and optimized vaginal temperature. You can purchase vitex online or from your local health food store; just take the recommended dosage on the label.

2. The Red Raspberry Leaf May Help

This leaf contains several minerals, flavonoids, and tannins that give red raspberry leaf the power to help you get pregnant. These ingredients help control inflammation, fluid loss, and--most importantly--promote tissue strength. Your uterus--with the help of hormones--creates a tissue that is meant to hold the fertilized egg once you become pregnant, but the tissue may not be strong enough causing you to lose the egg. Red raspberry leaf should help make sure that the tissue in your uterus is in perfect condition to hold your next fertilized egg.

You can purchase red raspberry leaf from your local health food store or online, just make sure the source is organic and natural.

3. Sweet, Sweet Propolis For You

A third option that may help get you and your loving partner pregnant is none other than propolis, which is naturally produced by bees using beeswax and tree sap. Propolis has been shown to promote immunity due to its several enzymes, proteins, and other health-enhancing properties, like quercetin. A study showed that propolis may help women who have an overactive defense system that sees a fertilized egg as a threat by simply regulating your immune system.

You can find propolis in your local health food store, bee farm, or online as long as the product is natural and organic.

Be sure to let your gynecologist know about the measures you are taking to increase your chances of pregnancy, as he or she may have other recommendations. Talk to a doctor, like Patricia A. Giuffre, MD, if you have further questions.