The Right Vibe: How To Acknowledge And Change Energies And Vibrations

The power of intention and the power of positive thinking is not all mental. Many scientists and spiritualists alike believe that the vibrations that a person gives off can affect their life experiences, down to the situations they attract. If you are interested in getting rid of bad vibes and bringing good vibrations and intentions your way, here are some tips on changing the energies around you.

Get a lecher instrument reading

Both scientists and homeopathic healers have used a lecher instrument to determine bodily vibrations. Some use the instrument by placing a drop of blood on the machine to determine the internal energy field of the patient. Others will use the instrument by placing it in the field of the patient and helping to determine their external energies that a person is exuding. Scientific and holistic doctors use the lecher antenna to pick up wavelengths and frequencies of both people and herbs or other medicines to determine if a cure will be a good fit for a particular individual.

Make your life more efficient

External deeds often connect to your bodily energy fields. With a life that is disorganized and cluttered, both physically and through bad habits, it is harder to concentrate on positive intentions and bring about positive energy. Clean out the spaces in your home and get rid of any clutter that takes over your desks at home and at the office. After clearing out your spaces of anything that isn't necessary or doesn't spark joy, concentrate on positive habit building, such as positive thinking and meditating with good intentions.

Try reconnective healing

Performed by holistic health professionals, reconnective healing is a practice that helps to change energy fields. Healers clear a patient's energy by moving the hands and arms in rhythms and patterns over the patient's body. The reconnective healing is performed to send away negative energies and restore balance in the magnetic fields surrounding a person

Remain aware of your thoughts

Thoughts permeate your entire life. Whenever awake, thoughts are constantly running through your head. In order to promote positive vibrations and a positive energy field, positive thoughts are necessary. To change negative thinking, follow up any negative thought with a positive one. Make an effort to be aware of what you are thinking and feeling in the moment, so that you remain in control of your thought process. Since actions typically follow thoughts, starting with positive thoughts will increase your positive actions, which will dominate your external field.