Protect Your Eyes With This Eye Makeup Advice

Do you enjoy wearing eye makeup? Whether you frequently or occasionally use it, there are some important safety precautions that should not be overlooked. This is because inappropriate use or mishandling can result in eye irritation or infections. The following are some guidelines you can use to ensure that you are using eye makeup safely.

Practice excellent hygiene.

Do not share eye makeup. This is because some eye infections may be asymptomatic yet contagious, and sharing items could result in you getting an eye infection from contaminated makeup. Wash your hands before applying makeup to reduce the chances of bacteria and other microorganisms coming into contact with your eyes. Remove eye makeup at bedtime to ensure that it does not irritate your eyes. 

If you enjoy getting your makeup professionally applied for special occasions, invest in your own makeup items when possible. You can also ask the makeup artist to use fresh applicators. Explain your concerns about cross contamination. Avoid using "tester" makeup and sample supplies in stores if they do not have disposable applicators available.

Know when to throw items away.

Throw away eye makeup when it reaches a few months old. Also, throw away items if you use them during the time of an eye infection to ensure you do not infect your eyes again. If the normal consistency of liquid eyeliner and mascara change, throw them away. For example, contents that are no longer liquid but gritty or gummy in texture should be thrown away. If a product looks great on you but causes burning eyes or other irritation, only save it just in case the irritation gets worst and you need to see an eye doctor. Once the irritation clears up, dispose of the product.

Choose products cautiously.

Some products may look amazing when applied to eyes, but they may be more likely to cause an eye issue due to their ingredients. For example, eye makeup that contains glitter could pose a problem if the glitter specks come into contact with your eyes. Even a normal product such as mascara could be problematic for some people. This is because mascara may cover the Meibomian pores, which are responsible for lubricating eyes.

An eye doctor, such as those at Modern Eyez, is the best resource to use to determine if eye makeup is slowly damaging your eyes. They can also provide additional tips to protect your eyes and treat eye infection as well as determine irritants that may be present in the products you use.