3 Different Methods Of Food Allergy Testing

If you just don't feel good when you eat a variety of different foods, but are having a really hard time pinpointing the ones that are making you sick, then you may want to go in and have some food allergy testing done. This will help you to see exactly what foods are making you sick, which in turn can allow you to eliminate them from your diet. Food allergy testing can be done a few different ways and sometimes a few different methods are incorporated for the testing. This article will discuss 3 different methods of food allergy testing. 

Skin Tests

One of the ways that you can be tested for a food allergy is via a skin test. During this test you will receive a small skin prick of each food extract that you are being tested for. The purpose of this is to see how you react to the food extract. You will then generally wait about 15-20 minutes to see what your results are. If your skin reacts to the food extract, such as getting a raised bump and redness, also known as a wheal, then you will be considered to test positive for this food allergy. If nothing happens, then the result is negative. 

Blood Tests

Another method of testing for food allergies is going to be a blood test. This type of food allergy test is testing your blood to see what happens to the immunoglobulin E antibodies when certain food extracts are added to your blood. During this method your blood is drawn and then combined with the food extracts that you are being tested for. This method is going to take several days for the results to come back, but is a great idea for those who have skin issues that don't allow them to have the skin prick testing done. 

Eating Tests

If the skin and blood tests come back with results that are inconclusive, then the next step is likely going to be some type of eating test. This will involve you eating the foods in small amounts and seeing how your body reacts to them over a certain period of time. This is done in a medical setting where you are going to be closely monitored and where treatment can be applied right away if you have a severe allergic reaction to any of the foods. This is perhaps the best way to test what foods you are allergic to because you are actual eating them and seeing how your body reacts. 

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