4 Mobility Aids And Equipment You May Need After Knee Surgery

Regardless of whether you will be having knee replacement surgery or some other form of orthopedic surgery involving your knee joints, one thing is for certain: You are going to find it difficult to get around for a bit. To make sure your recovery after the knee surgery is as easy as possible, it is a good idea to get your home ready for the event beforehand. There are a handful of mobility aids and medical equipment that you should have in place which will make your life a lot easier while you wait for your knee to heal after surgery.

A Basic Walker with Front Wheels

Having a walker that you can use for support when standing or sitting and to help you move about in the house is super important. Look for a compact model that folds away when not in use, and make sure the walker you choose has front wheels for easy maneuverability just by lifting up the rear of the walker.

A Set of Crutches

Crutches can be a major mobility aid when you have just had knee surgery. If you don't have a lot of space for using a walker, crutches are the next best thing. One of the best benefits of crutches is the fact that they will allow you to take steps without putting any weight on your knee at all, which can be important after some forms of surgery.

A Raised Toilet Seat

Lowering yourself into a seated position and then raising yourself back up after knee surgery can feel like an impossible feat. Therefore, using a standard-height toilet seat may come as a challenge. Look for a raised toilet seat that will add several inches of height to the seat itself so you can easier use the toilet. This medical equipment is designed to simply snap in place after the removal of your usual seat. 

A Shower Chair

Bathing can be a challenge because lowering yourself into the tub and getting back out will be hard to do without putting a lot of pressure on the affected knee. Therefore, showers will be much easier to handle, but even standing for long periods can be hard. A shower chair is a good piece to have in place because it will allow you to sit in chair and take a shower. Shower chairs are height adjustable, so you can find a comfortable height for your needs.

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