Beyond Diet: Two Other Lifestyle Changes To Help With Candida

If you've recently had problems with candida overgrowth, you've probably been instructed to change your diet. Forgoing sugars, starches, and alcohol and eating more probiotic-rich foods can certainly help curb your candida growth. However, in addition to modifying your diet, there are other lifestyle changes you can make to help keep the yeast at bay.

Get more sleep.

When you don't get enough sleep, or when you get poor quality sleep, your immunity suffers. When your immune system is not strong, it cannot fight back the candida, and that's when you get an overgrowth like you're experiencing. Far too many people go without sleep because they feel other obligations, like work, are more important. But the truth is, without your health, you won't be able to keep engaging in those other activities. So take the time you need to get more sleep so your immune system can recover and fight off the candida. What activities can you cut out of your schedule to allow more time for sleep? Maybe there's a club you can quit, or perhaps you can do without that last episode of TV before bed.

Also, pay attention to the quality of the sleep you're getting. If you're falling asleep watching television, waking up every hour because your house is noisy, or tossing and turning because your mattress is uncomfortable, you're probably not sleeping effectively. Turn off the TV, wear some earphones, upgrade to a mattress you love, and address any other problems that keep you from getting a good night's sleep. Your immune system should begin to recover.

Lower your stress level.

Day-to-day stress can also impair the immune system and perpetuate a candida overgrowth. Getting a handle on your stress level is not always easy, but it's important to address this issue one step at a time. Try taking one stride towards better stress management each week. Here are some suggestions of better stress management habits you may want to integrate into your schedule:

  • Spend 20 minutes at the beginning and end of each day meditating to clear your mind.
  • When something is making you angry or stressed, address the problem rather than letting it bounce back and forth in your mind for days.
  • Adopt a regular exercise routine. Exercise helps alleviate stress. Even some low-key walking or following along to aerobics videos should help.
  • Start saying "no" to things you don't really want to do. A lot of stress comes from taking on more than you can handle or activities you are not truly dedicated to.

By getting more sleep and reducing your stress levels, you'll help build your immunity and get your candida overgrowth under control again.