3 Conditions That Leave You Feeling Like Something Is Stuck In Your Eye

If you have lately been experiencing the feeling that there is something stuck in your eye, you should visit an eye doctor for an exam. When this feeling happens, there might actually be something trapped inside your eye; however, this is not always the case. There are a number of different things that can make it feel like there is something in your eye, even if there is not. Here are three of the conditions that often leave this type of feeling.

Dry eyes

Dry eye syndrome is a very common condition that is easy to treat. It occurs when the eye glands do not produce enough fluid, and this leaves the eyes feeling very dry. It can occur with just one eye, but it more commonly occurs with both. When your eyes feel really dry, they can also feel irritated. This can lead to a several problems, and one of which is the feeling that there is something stuck in your eye. Rubbing your eyes might seem like the logical way to dislodge whatever is causing this, but this will probably only make the condition worse.


Blepharitis is another common cause of this type of feeling in your eyes, and blepharitis refers to inflammation in your eyelids. With this condition, both eyes are typically affected in some ways. Feeling like there is something in your eyes is one symptom of this, but you might also experience itching, sensitivity to light, and other symptoms. This condition occurs when the oil glands near your eyelashes get clogged. This prevents oil from coming out of them, and it can lead to irritation and discomfort.


Conjunctivitis is fairly easy to diagnose, because the eyes become red when a person has this. This condition is better known as pink eye, and it typically leaves eyes itchy and sore. Pink eye is usually a result of a bacterial or viral infection. This eye condition is contagious, which means you must get it treated to avoid spreading it to others. If you suspect that this is what is causing your eyes to feel that way, visit an eye doctor soon.

An exam from an eye doctor will reveal if there truly is something stuck inside your eye. If there is not, the eye doctor might recommend treating the sensation with artificial tears or another form of treatment. To learn more, contact an eye doctor today.