Three Common Hair Removal Questions And Answers

Unsightly body hair can be an embarrassing problem that requires constant work to combat. Unfortunately, it can be common for individuals to often overlook some of the more effective body hair removal techniques. In particular, laser hair removal is a highly effective technique for addressing this cosmetic problem, but you may not seriously consider this choice if you do not have enough information about it. To help you better weigh this hair removal option, you might benefit from having these three questions answered.

Can These Treatments Be Administered In A Single Session?

There is a belief among some first-time patients that laser hair removal is always completed within a single session. However, this is not the case as most patients will require numerous sessions to achieve the best results possible. This is due to the fact that it is impossible for the technician to know whether the hair follicle was completely destroyed by the procedure. If even a small amount of the follicle remains, the hair will soon return. The exact number of treatments that will be required will vary based on your unique body chemistry, the type and texture of your hair as well as the location that is being treated.

How Much Pain Will You Feel During A Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

It can be common for individuals to be hesitant about laser hair removal procedures due to concerns about the pain that they will experience during this treatment. Luckily, it is worth noting that these procedures cause very little pain or discomfort to patients. Typically, you will feel little more than a warm pricking sensation when the laser is activated. This can be particularly true when you are having very coarse hair removed as the technician may need to turn the laser to its highest setting to effectively remove this type of hair.

Are The Results Of Hair Removal Treatment Always Permanent?

One of the greatest benefits of laser hair removal is that the hair will not return for an extremely long period of time. While many people assume that these treatments will always be permanent, this is not always the case as the hair follicle will likely return after several months. The exact length of time that the laser removal treatment will be effective will vary based upon the area that was being treated. The hair follicles in some areas of the body, such as the pubic region or armpit, are remarkably resilient at healing, which means the hair in these areas may return more quickly than hair that is removed from other areas. While this may seem like it will be rather inconvenient, avoiding the need to shave for several months may be worth more than the inconvenience of having to undergo these treatments.