Katamine Is A Miracle Worker And A Killer

It is truly amazing what the medical industry has been able to accomplish in the last few decades. Prosthetic joints, pace makers, and hundreds of other amazing procedures are improving the quality of life and increasing life expectancy. An integral part of these advancements has been anesthesia. Without the ability to properly sedate patients, these procedures would not be possible. Unfortunately, some of these very potent sedatives are being sold on the street. One such drug is called ketamine, and it is used every day in the operating room, but it is also being used on the street. Here are just a few reasons that ketamine is such a dangerous drug outside of the operating room.


When you go in for a surgery, an anesthesiologist will calculate the exact amount of ketamine and other anesthetics that you need to be treated with. An anesthesiologist is a doctor that has studied for years to have the ability to properly sedate individuals for surgery. However, when you buy ketamine, you are not going to know the proper amount to take. In order to receive the euphoria some people claim, it requires an exact amount that depends on your tolerance and body size. So the risk of overdosing is extremely high.

Ketamine Really?

When you are buying any type of drug you have to be weary. There is a very real possibility that you are not actually buying just ketamine or even ketamine at all. When it comes to anesthetics, it can be extremely dangerous to cross this drug with any other drug. This risk is only amplified when you do not know exactly what it may have been crossed with. When buying on the street, you may have bought a little bit of ketamine and more of another drug. Simply put, buying any drug, especially ketamine, is a risk because you do not know for sure that it is pure, and ketamine is dangerous enough without crossing it with other drugs. 

While ketamine is a miracle worker in the operating room, it can cause major problems when taken incorrectly. Some major side effects bloody urine, bluish lips and skin, chest pain, and confusion; if you overdose, there is a really good chance that you could go into a long-term coma. If you do not have a doctor's help, it is best to simply stay away from any drug, especially one such as ketamine. You do not want your life to end in tragedy. 

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