Three Reasons Why Your Body Refuses To Let Go Of Fat

Coolsculpting is a new procedure that helps you remove stubborn fat by freezing it. When fat is exposed to extreme cold, the fat cells burst and release fat into the bloodstream because the body is tricked into thinking you are freezing to death and need warmth. Once the fat cells are sent into the bloodstream, they are absorbed by the body and sent out of the body in your waste. However, you should know why your body is so stubborn about letting go of these fat cells in the first place.

Your Body Needs Fat to Keep Internal Organs Warm

There are two kinds of fat that help keep internal organs warm; visceral and subcutaneous. Visceral fat is deep within the body and surrounds all of your organs to protect them from very cold weather. Clearly, people who live in hotter climates do not need visceral fat, but it is still there. You want this kind of fat, so you cannot get rid of it.

Subcutaneous fat is the fat you want to get rid of, but cannot. Its primary purpose is to function as a second layer of the visceral fat, but too many people overeat and make the subcutaneous fat layer huge. If you were to lose any visceral fat, the subcutaneous fat releases to provide fat stores to the visceral organs. The problem is, you have an extremely difficult time letting go of subcutaneous fat because your body "argues" with your brain that it needs to stay.

You Have Had Periods of Starvation in Life

Fat is even more stubborn to remove if you have had any periods in your life where you did not get enough to eat. Starvation and starvation diets trigger the body's survival mechanisms, building stores of fat during times when you get a lot to eat in order to burn it during lean times. The more often you get little to eat, the more fat you will accumulate later on and the less likely you will successfully lose fat when you get too heavy.

You Are Genetically Predisposed to Size Chunky

While it is true that you cannot blame everything on genetics, some people can blame their chunky bodies on their genes. Higher levels of stress hormones have been found in people with a genetic predisposition toward obesity, which is why they cannot lose weight no matter how hard they try. Every time they attempt to take the weight off, the stress hormones are released into the bloodstream and the body is signaled to eat more and store more fat. Thankfully, if you are at or near your ideal body weight, freezing the extra fat will stop this process.