Ways You Can Prevent Allergies from Flairing up More Often

If you suffer from allergies, then there are some different things you want to make sure you do to decrease the odds of you suffering from allergy flair-ups. This article will cover some of these allergy treatments that are known for helping allergy sufferers. Therefore, you should take the following advice:

Change Your Air Filter Often

You want to change out your air filter in the air conditioner and heater regularly, so you can cut down on the amount of dust you have floating around in the air. When the filter is allowed to get too dirty, it will be forced to suck in more of those particles that are known to bother people with allergies. If you have dogs, cats or birds in your home, then be aware that you may need to change the air filter even more often than those who don't have pets in their home.

Know When to Keep the Windows Shut

Once allergy season rolls around, you'll want to be sure you don't open your windows on days when there is a breeze. The breeze will pick up pollen and carry it right into the house where it will aggravate your allergies. Along with keeping the windows to your home shut, you should also avoid driving in a car with the windows rolled down on high-pollen days.

Don't Wear Clothes from the Back of Your Closet

You may not realize just how much dust can gather on the clothes hung in the back of your closet that don't get pulled out very often. It's a good idea to rotate your clothing often or keep your out-of-season clothing in the back of the closet and then make sure you move them to the front after washing them when you'll be wearing them again.

Keep Your Pets and Their Bedding Clean and Groomed

When you have pets, you want to be sure you keep them clean and properly groomed. This is going to help you cut down on the amount of pet dander they spread around the house, which will aggravate your allergies. You also want to clean their bedding often because it can have a lot of dander in it. Dogs and cats are often thought of as being the pets to really aggravate allergies, but birds are also very hard on people who have allergies and their dander can get all over when they fluff up their feathers.