3 Fitness Classes To Help New Moms Get Their Pre-Baby Body Back

You put in the time to grow your baby. Your newborn is happy and healthy, but now your body looks a bit like an empty vessel that has packed on a few too many pounds. Getting healthy and fit after having a bay is good for postpartum emotions, and it is definitely good for your body. You may feel a little overwhelmed when you start looking at the long list of fitness classes that are offered at local gyms and fitness centers. Here are a few of the best fitness classes to help new moms get their pre-baby body back. 

Rope Wall Yoga 

Rope wall yoga is almost exactly like it sounds; you are doing yoga while attached to ropes on the wall. As odd as that may sound, it is actually a very good way to strengthen and tone your body. An instructor will lead you through various yoga poses and movements as you are suspended by a rope that is attached to the wall. You maintain balance, which means poses are not so hard to achieve but they can also be held longer and be more effective at getting you in shape. 

Fit Ballet 

Imagine ballet combined with cross-training and you can get an idea of what fit ballet is actually like. Ballet, in itself, is physically challenging, no matter how graceful it looks. When you combine those graceful, yoga-like moves with cross-training to get your heart pumping, you get a supercharged workout that helps strengthen and tone your muscles and burn off those extra areas of flab you may have picked up during pregnancy. Fit ballet has become so popular that it is now offered at many of the top gyms and fitness centers, so you should have no problem finding yourself a class to join. 

305 Fitness

This one is a relatively new player to fitness class lineups, but it is quickly becoming really popular among people of all ages, but specifically new moms. These classes involve primarily dance as cardio exercise, but the kicker is you get a live DJ in the studio to really keep the momentum up during class. You will get to dance and do certain movements to music that you love. Many of these classes take requests for high-intensity workout songs that can help keep the crowd moving and burning those calories. If the humdrum of typical workouts leaves you bored, 305 may be a good option to consider. 

For more information about fitness classes, check out a gym near you.