CPAP Cleaning Wipes Make It Easy To Keep Your Mask Clean

When you have sleep apnea, it's important to follow your doctor's orders for wearing your CPAP device when you sleep or nap. Otherwise, you might have health complications or be exhausted all the time from poor sleep. Wearing your CPAP mask becomes routine in time, and another routine you should develop is cleaning the mask and tubing. CPAP cleaning wipes make it convenient to keep your mask clean. Here's how you can use the wipes on your mask and how they're helpful.

Wipes Make Daily Cleaning Easier

Read and follow the instructions that came with your equipment so you care for the machine and supplies properly. You'll probably be instructed to clean the mask after each use, which might be multiple times a day if you take naps. One reason this is important is that oils from your skin accumulate on the mask and need to be cleaned off. If the oils aren't removed, then the mask can't get a good seal on your skin. This leads to air leaking that's annoying and that prevents the machine from working properly.

If you don't use wipes, you need to wash the mask with mild soap and water. While that's easy to do, it is more time-consuming than using wipes. Plus, you have to wait for the mask to dry before you can use it again. When you have wipes on standby, you can clean the mask in a matter of seconds. This keeps your equipment clean and makes it easier to comply with the cleaning requirements.

Wipes Can Be Used Anywhere

CPAP cleaning wipes come in tubs similar to baby wipes, and they also come sealed in individual packets. This makes it handy to keep your mask clean when you travel. If you plan to nap while you ride in a car or even fly on a plane and use your CPAP device, you can clean the mask as soon as you take it off without the need for water.

Wipes Won't Harm The Mask

Cleaning a CPAP mask with soapy water can be such a bother that you might be looking for alternatives. The best option is to buy wipes made specifically for cleaning a CPAP mask. These don't contain any chemicals that break down the materials or that leave a strong odor that will irritate you when wearing the mask.

CPAP cleaning wipes are ideal for quick daily cleaning, and they'll keep your mask in good shape, especially when combined with weekly cleaning in soapy water or a cleaning machine when you clean the tubing too.