How Hormone Replacement Helps Young Men With ED

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a devastating problem that often takes many men by surprise. For example, younger men may not think that they have any risk of ED and that they are in the prime of their sexual life. However, there's a good chance that they may end up suffering from a hormone imbalance that destroys their ability to get an erection. If they do, it may be necessary to get testosterone replacement therapy.

Young Men May Experience ED

Although ED is often considered something that only happens to older men, that is not the case. Many younger men may experience symptoms of this disorder. Men between 20 and 30 typically develop ED if they experience hormone imbalance disorders. These issues occur when a man's body doesn't handle hormones properly and ends up leaving the body unable to create an erection.

For example, some young men may naturally produce lower levels of testosterone. When this happens, they will struggle to get and maintain an erection. Likewise, a high level of prolactin production can stifle the mechanisms that allow an erection to develop. As a result, men in this situation must do what they can to help their body by restoring their natural testosterone and hormone levels.

Ways Testosterone Replacement Therapy Helps

Young men who suffer from this problem may need hormone replacement therapy to regain their sex drive. This treatment method works by identifying where a man is low in hormones and then provides them with bioidentical hormones — those that are biologically the same as real hormones — to balance out these chemical levels.

When these hormones are taken properly, a man is likely to experience a large number of immediate effects that could improve his sex drive and restore his ability to get and maintain an erection. First of all, having more testosterone will naturally make it easier for men to get an erection. Likewise, carefully decreasing prolactin levels can restore the body's chemistry to normal levels and manage ED much easier.

These treatments are very useful because a man may otherwise have to get surgery or other types of more in-depth treatments to manage his ED. Thankfully, testosterone replacement therapy is in no way as invasive or difficult and provides men with a great chance of fighting off ED and staying healthy and sexually active years after they start this treatment. Contact an ED clinic to learn more.