The Many Uses Of Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is a very versatile, non-invasive therapy, and it's also something you can use at home. There are FDA-approved devices that you can purchase at a medical supply store and even at some pharmacies. But once you have a cold laser device, how can you use it? Take a look:

To Help Ease Arthritis Pain

Cold laser therapy is really helpful for reducing inflammation. It stimulates blood flow to the tissues you use it on, and this helps all the extra fluid drain away from the inflamed area. If you suffer from arthritis, a lot of your pain is typically due to inflammation. Shining the cold laser on the arthritic joint can help reduce the inflammation, and therefore the pain. You can use the laser twice a day — once in the morning and once in the evening — to keep your joints mobile and maybe reduce your reliance on pain relievers.

To Rejuvenate Skin

Many skin problems, including acne and rosacea, are tied to inflammation. Even issues like excessively dry skin can be related to a lack of circulation to the skin. Cold laser therapy can draw blood back to the skin, which can help ease a wide variety of ailments, from acne to psoriasis. It can also help keep your skin looking younger and healthier in general. Try using the cold laser nightly after the rest of your skincare routine.

To Heal Wounds

Whether you skin your knee on the sidewalk or slice your thumb while cutting tomatoes, cold laser therapy can help it heal. The laser will draw circulation to the area, which will give the damaged tissues the nutrients they need to rebuild. You can hold the laser over your sores and wounds for a few minutes a couple of times per day.

To Ease Back Pain

If you come home with back pain after working all day, cold laser therapy can be a safe way to ease the pain and also help keep it from coming back. Not only can it reduce the acute muscle pain, but it can also reduce inflammation in your tendons and ligaments, which may help keep your back from becoming painful again the next day.

Cold laser therapy devices are a very safe, readily available treatment that you can utilize in many ways. Talk to your doctor to see whether they think it could be helpful for your conditions.