How PRP Injections Help With Burn Scars

Fires occur every day that damage people's homes and cause serious burns that can produce long-lasting scars. Though these scars may go away with time or with surgery, they can be very hard to manage emotionally and may cause a lot of upset in many individuals. As a result, those with these scars can get PRP injections to avoid the complications of these burns.

Burn Scars Can Be Upsetting

When a person develops burn scars after a fire, they are going to experience a large amount of pain that can be very hard to tolerate. These scars can remain sensitive long after the burn and leave a person with a difficult area to manage. Even worse, if these scars are on the face, they can leave a person with a constant reminder of the fire and a difficult emotional burden to handle.

As a result, a person may struggle to feel normal and happy after a fire with burn scars constantly reminding them of that frightening situation. However, there are a handful of different ways that these individuals can get help. For example, PRP injections can provide them with the help that they need to keep their burn scars from becoming too hard to bear emotionally and physically.

Ways PRP Injections Can Help

PRP injections use what is known as platelet-rich plasma to kick start the healing process in various parts of the body. When managing burn scars, doctors will inject the scar directly with the PRP after numbing the area to keep it from getting into too much pain. Once the injection is finished, the platelets break down and release a variety of compounds known as growth factors into the skin.

Once in the skin in this way, the healing factors work to heal the burn scar by promoting the natural healing process of the body. In this way, a person can get healthier skin that is relatively free of scarring. Often, this treatment is paired with surgery that removes some of the scar tissue and replaces it with healthier tissue that PRP injections can help to smooth over onto the rest of the body.

Thankfully, a growing number of medical experts are mastering this treatment method to provide the type of high-quality care that a person needs to stay healthy and strong. Finding a professional who offers this type of care can improve a person's overall health and well being.

For more information on healing a burn scar, talk to your doctor about PRP injections.