Why Blood Tests Are Vital For Any Long-Term Health Care Plan

If you have ever been asked to take a blood test by your doctor but weren't exactly sure why or what the results would tell you, then the idea of a needle going into your arm could seem a bit unnecessary. In reality, a blood test is one of the most accurate ways of getting in-depth information about your health. Blood test labs have helped improve the lives of millions, if not billions, of people around the world by informing them about any potential problems far before they become life-threatening. Here are a few ways in which blood tests can help make your life better.

White Blood Cells

You might know that white blood cells are the ones mainly responsible for fighting off disease, bacteria, and infections in your body, but you might not know that there are many different types of white blood cells and each has a role to play. Many chronic diseases can be linked back to white blood cells of one type not performing as they should, and getting in front of this can save a lot of pain and unnecessary medication use before it happens. Knowing how your body fights off infection and figuring out how to help it do so more efficiently is vital.

Genetic Information

Apart from just looking at the types of blood cells and platelets in your blood, blood test labs also check to see if your DNA has any common signs of genetic conditions that you should be aware of. Getting advanced warning of some of the more vicious genetic conditions is often the only way to prevent them in any fashion at all, but even for milder genetic conditions, an advanced warning is useful to make life more comfortable. It is hard to prescribe medication or treatment plans without knowing the underlying causes, which blood test labs help illuminate. 


Your thyroid is responsible for a lot of the ways in which your body operates, giving instructions from everything relating to hair to how much taller you grow during adolescence. If something is amiss and doctors cannot quite figure out why your body is behaving the way it is, a blood test can help figure out whether or not your thyroid is to blame for this. An over or underactive thyroid can be managed and worked on much like every other part of the body; it is simply about knowing what you need to do that can be the biggest problem. 

Speak with a professional who works at a blood test lab to learn more.