4 Signs Your Loved One Needs An In-Home Nursing Service

If you are helping take care of a loved one with physical issues, it can be a struggle to know what kind of care they need. One type of care that they can receive is an in-home nurse. An in-home nurse is someone who is either a trained registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN), who can provide your loved one with medical assistance within your loved one's home instead of in a long-term care facility or hospital.

To know if your loved one needs an in-home nursing service, you need to understand what type of services they can provide.

1. Need Assistance Monitoring Health

Some people need more monitoring than others. If your loved one needs to have their health monitored, such as their blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and other elements, you will want to have an in-home nurse come to their home. An in-home nurse will be able to inform the patient's doctor of any changes and make adjustments with the provided care based on your loved one's current health conditions.

2. Need Assistance With Medication

Keeping up with all the medication that one has to take can be a challenge that an in-home nurse can help with. Fortunately, an in-home nurse can help. For instance, if your loved one has special medical needs, such as the need to get medication via a shot or intravenously, a nurse can take care of administering that more complicated medicine.

3. Need Assistance With Self-Care

If your loved one needs assistance with self-care, an in-home nurse can help. They can provide assistance with toilet hygiene, from getting to and from the toilet to cleaning oneself up after using the bathroom. They can assist with functional mobility, such as moving around the home. They can also assist with dressing, grooming, and bathing. Overall, an in-home nurse can help your loved one and provide the extra assistance they need to complete these tasks.

4. Need Physical Therapy

If your loved one needs to do physical therapy or specific exercises each day in relation to their health and well-being, an in-home nurse can help. For instance, they can help lead your loved one through therapy and monitor their progress.

If your loved one needs extra assistance through the day with medication, self-care needs, therapy, and general health monitoring, you may want to look into hiring an in-home nursing service to provide some of that assistance to your loved one. To learn more, contact a service like MARSCare.