When Life Doesn’t Need To Feel Inconvenient: Tips For Dealing With Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can be a frustrating and embarrassing condition to deal with, especially for those of advancing age. Luckily, there are treatment options that you can discuss with your healthcare provider as well as some easy ways to deal with incontinence that you can easily add to your lifestyle. Read on for a few ways in which you can finally find relief and take control of your health. 

Treatment Options

Speaking to your doctor regarding the treatment of your incontinence issues is highly recommended. With advances in medicine, there are several ways in which incontinence can be addressed that are both safe and effective. Medication options and surgical procedures can be discussed in great detail with your healthcare provider and are something that is unique to each patient. Depending on what you feel comfortable with, you and your doctor can formulate a treatment plan that will work perfectly for you. Remember to be completely transparent with your doctor when discussing your options, including how long recovery can be, side effects from medication, and what has worked for other patients. 

Using a Bathroom Schedule

Urinary incontinence can certainly be a frustrating condition to live with, but it doesn't need to rule your life. Take charge on your own terms and build a solid bathroom schedule that will help reduce the number of accidents that may occur. Plan to use the restroom upon waking up, before going to bed, and after consuming meals and liquids. Regularly using the bathroom will lower your chances of needing to find a toilet last minute. If you plan to leave your home, also remember to use the bathroom before you head out the door. Simple reminders such as this will definitely serve as a lifesaver, and you should soon see a reduction in accidents. 

Simple Lifestyle Changes

In addition to following a bathroom schedule, you can also implement lifestyle changes that will help bring relief from urinary incontinence. Abstaining from large amounts of liquid, for example, is a great way to prevent an accident from happening. Likewise, having an incontinence kit handy is always a fantastic idea and will leave you well-prepared for any scenario. Wipes, a change of underwear, adult diapers and, if required, catheters can be a smart way to always feel ahead of the game. This is an excellent way to take charge of your health.

Contact your doctor for more information about urinary incontinence